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Alternative Data

Alternative data, also known as exhaust data, is a term which refers to the act of obtaining insight into the investment processes using data/ data sets, which are exclusively used by hedge fund managers and other institutional investment professionals within the company, thus providing the seeker with unique and timely insights into investment opportunities.

Alternative data sets are often categorized as big data due to their large and complex nature and thus, many a times cannot be handled by conventional software resources used for storing or handling data, such as Microsoft Excel. And thus, this where the intervention of a company like ours becomes a matter of utmost importance, to enable the seeker with the required data and handle it efficiently.

Our work may include compilation of data from various sources such as financial transactions, sensors, mobile devices, satellites etc... and their comparison with data that is being traditionally used by investment companies such as investor presentations, SEC filings, and press releases, to draw meaningful and advantageous results in favor of the company being worked with. Moreover, since these alternative data sets originate as a product of a company's operations, these are most of time less readily accessible and less structured than the conventional sources of data. And so, the importance of a company like ours -ITSYS is time and again realized, especially when such type of private and confidential data needs to be extracted, arranged and efficiently delivered to obtain superior and beneficial results...



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