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Competitor Fuel Price Monitoring

The old-fashioned copy-paste process of gathering and comparing third-party competitive fuel pricing data can not only be tedious and time consuming but will more often than not create errors and delays that will ultimately impact margins and profitability.

Discover the automated way to increase retail fuel profits

Our Competitor Fuel Price Monitoring service is a real-time, online solution that taps into the database of 25,000 gas stations across the US generating 100,000 fuel price records every hour every single day of the year. It centralizes all of the competitive pricing information into a single interface alongside the business rules, goals, and notifications allowing you to in real-time, react instantly to your competitors' retail station price changes thereby increasing margins and profitability.

Easy integration with 3rd party Business Analytics / Business Intelligence tools

The data feeds from Competitor Fuel Price Monitoring service can easily integrated and with industry's leading third-party Business Analytics / Business Intelligence tools or your own specific systems so as to provide you with a comprehensive, real-time view of the market.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Get competitive price data feeds every hour.
  • Quick and easy integration of data feeds with the Business Analytics / Business Intelligence tool of your choice.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard to
  • Chose and map the list of stations to monitor from over 30,000 gas stations across the US of 15 plus retailers with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Map the list of fuel grades of competition
  • Request to include competitors or gas stations for monitoring, if not already in system.
  • Set price alert rules for monitoring your station against your competitors.
  • Instant notifications over email messages whenever the price alert rules are triggered.
  • Easy pay as you go plan with no hidden fees or charges or volume discounted plans for enterprise customers.
  • 99% guaranteed uptime.
  • Paid access to historical pricing data of over 2 years.

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