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Data Extraction

Spending too much time and resources to manually copy and paste data and collating information from the Internet? Need to extract data / images from different web sources with different technologies (e.g. html, asp, aspx, jsp, php, cfm, aspx, jscript, cgi, etc.) and save the content into your own databases for actionable information?

Outsource the tedious task of collecting data from websites by taking advantage of our data extraction / web scraping services to capture the data you need. Need data on product information/inventory, competitors' pricing, public records (sex offenders, unclaimed money etc.), movie / book catalogs, or anything else on the web, we can extract and present this data in the format (Excel, SQL, CSV, etc.) and frequency of your choice.

ITSYS Solutions specializes in extracting / scraping data from "Deep Web" by developing anonymous and non-intrusive hosted / customized data scraping solutions. In other words, we will take care of all of your data extraction / website scraping needs and will provide you with raw and accurate data in the least amount of effort on your part, therby allowing you to focus on your core business.

Benefits of our Data Extraction / Website Harvesting / Web Scraping solutions

No More Costly Errors. Eliminate costly errors by reducing the need for human interaction in the data collection process. Our automated system will scrape your data no matter how complex or large and provide it to you in any format needed.

Save Your Valuable Time. By outsourcing your data extraction requirement, you receive the data faster than any manual process. You save time and resources by having us do the tedious task for you.

Eliminate Costs With Automated Data Collection. With an automated data collection application we can eliminate data entry costs by pulling the data from any website and feeding it to your business anyway you need it.

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