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Media Monitoring

In the bygone era, the PR teams had to face a lot of sufferings owing to the tedious task of flipping through numerous newspapers, magazines, editorials etc... to find out, whether or not, there has been a mention of their respective brand in any of the above media forms. Once found, these write ups would be clipped out and added to the clip books so as to demonstrate the staggering "results" of the PR campaign. Not only this, for companies which had branding on television or radios, people had to spend a major part of their time in watching or listening to the shows aired on these so as to locate their mentions. It was, in reality, a painstaking, laborious manual process which inspite of all these efforts, many a times provided inaccurate results. And so, in order to sort all these issues, came the revolutionizing sphere of Media Monitoring Services.

In technical terms, media monitoring stands for continuous scanning of mentions across all the targeted channels be it in print media, online platforms, social media domains and / or broadcast. However, even though this sphere existed before but with the digitization of content(e-media), influence of social media and intrusion of artificial intelligence into the mainstream corporate systems, media monitoring became easier to handle and gave accurate results, thus becoming an integral part of any company's investment. It acts as a tool to test a company's strong hold on the public domain based on the parameters of tone or sentiment, fidelity of message, content delivered, impact factors, public engagement, demographics etc...

But why, in the first place, is Media Monitoring required? The answer to this questions lies in the enumerated points:-

1. Laying a strong foundation of the brand

Media monitoring helps the company to get aware about peoples' opinion about their brand. Not only this, it also helps in targeting the pitfalls or loop holes, if any, during the course of branding.

2. Analyzing response to crisis situations

Media monitoring services also helps in closely following what is written about the company and what tone is the discussion having. Speed is of the essence, especially with the booming social media, where discussions - be it positive or negative - arise and spread in absolutely no time. Thence Social Media Monitoring, not only helps in determining the tone of discussion but also in registering valuable feedbacks, critical reviews etc... which can be used in rectifying any organizational faults.

3. Knowing the industry, the friends and the foes

Media Monitoring is a very effective tool in knowing about the recent developments in the industry. It can also be used as a tool to speculate future developments products and tools, based on the ongoing trends. It also helps the company to critically analyse the competitors and thereby, make just and safe decisions in partnering.

So with these few points, it is sufficiently convincing why Media Monitoring - be it e-media monitoring, print media monitoring, social media monitoring or news monitoring, is required. Moreover, with the ongoing everyday discovery of modern softwares and advanced technologies, majority of the monitoring work is automated, which not only helps in knowing about the basic mentions of the brand, required keywords, competitor analysis etc... but also includes other intricate key components - such as auto-sentiment toning, content analysis for brand prominence and so on...



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