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News & Content Aggregation

In todays modern day lifestyle where people are always running, day in day out, to earn their bread and butter, it becomes quite impossible for everyone to sit back and watch the new and /or read the newspaper. And that is why, unlike the earlier times, now a days web rules. Internet has now become a place where any news is first flashed or any comment criticized and also the place where people first see and / or read about world events, local news, financial markets, entertainment, politics etc..

However, with day - by - day increase in the number of such news and content based platforms / websites, all these news publishers and content aggregators have to face a hugely dynamic competitive market with cut throat competition along with ever increasing cost pressures and ever-tightening profit margins, which makes it more so an absolute necessity for them to innovate continuously to maintain and grow their audience range but also keeping in mind that the option opted is economically viable and cost effective too. And that is where company like ours play a crucial role through their expertise in the vast and varied processes of data mining and management. But who are news and content aggregators and what do they do?

They refer to an organization / business group which is responsible for gathering web content and / or sometimes applications, from different online sources, homogenize it and prepare it to be reused or re - distributed ( technically known as content syndication).

However, like every process, it too has a chronological sequence of steps to be followed, which includes:-

1. Identification of Data (News/Content)

In this step, the content is discovered via the inbuilt tools from a variety of established sources based on a defined set of criteria, thus reducing the time spent drastically.

2. Selection

It involves the process of selection of required data, alongside eliminating low quality information and promotions or information which has missing attributions or links.

3. Classification of Data

It refers to classification of the gather data based on the inputted parameters.

4. Data Arrangement

Systematic ordering of results, based on given parameters like publication date or alphabetical arrangement, comes under this category.

5. Publish

It is the last step, in which the data gathered is put across the respective platform so that it can be easily accessed by the public in general, thus enabling them to make right choices at the right time.



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