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Online Print Media Monitoring

Technology has been revolutionizing in leaps and bounds, at a speed much faster than expected. Everyday today, there are new discoveries. And one such field to experience such rapid transformation is Media. The rising popularity of e-media and online media has benefited the3 industry a lot and has made news, discussions, talks, reviews etc... at the reach of one click. But at the same time, in a country like India which is still finding its way through development, it is absolutely undeniable to say that increased developments in the field of e media and online media has not yet, in sufficient numbers, affected the impact of print media in the country. Going by rough stats, there are currently more than one lakh newspapers, magazines, periodicals, journals etc... in India, which are circulated either regularly, quarterly, monthly, biannually or yearly. Besides, on the global scale too, the number of online print media sources goes into millions. But nevertheless, if an organization has to create a niche of itself in the competitive arena, build a strong-hold in the domain of public relations, corporate communications, brand building and increase its reach amongst people, it is bound to monitor all these different forms of online print media too.

However, since their numbers are quite large and the publications, be it any, are quite diverse in terms of their tonalities, area covered, language etc... tracking and monitoring all of them becomes quite a herculean task for an organization itself. And that is when, a company like ours, ITSYS Solutions, which specialized in all kinds of online media monitoring and web scraping services, comes into the broader picture to help you. We have a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to providing detailed and comprehensive reports from a variety of print media sources – be it newspapers, magazines, periodicals, newsletters, etc... which pertain to your business interests.

We provide:

* Customized tracking based on keyword specificity, industry interests, locality etc.

* Continuous tracking of data

* Periodic summarization of news clips tracked

* Article coverage details, tone of discussion, key takeaway analysis etc.

We have been into this industry for quite a many years now and our testimonials definitely show how our online print media tracking and monitoring services using proprietary technology and state-of-the-art tracking skills met our client expectations cent percent. . We thereby guarantee you that the news you need and value would be just a click away from you.



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