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Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring

Web scraping also known as web harvesting refers to scraping of data and/or extracting data from websites, by accessing the World Wide Web directly using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or through a web browser. It is a very useful process to enhance one's growth and hold over industry. Web scraping can be done to retrieve data for/of various sectors, like in case of Store Locations.

Stores locations provide Retail Location Planning and Analysis Professionals, Town Planners, Local Government, Retail Consultants, Marketing Professionals etc. to get a strategic view on the number of stores a business chain has nationally, regionally or in particular cities. This information is useful for businesses catering to various sectors like Retail, Publishing, Mobile & Telecoms, Mapping, Property Consulting, Location Based Services, Media, App Development, News Service, Strategic Planning, etc. And that is where ITSYS fits in, in scraping and providing the most recent and updated list of stores from any store locator website in a data format as per requirement.

Some of the lists have been scraped from web store locators and provided to the clients in the recent past comprises of departmental stores list, list of restaurants, retail chain stores, grocery stores, gas stations, jewelry stores, mobile stores, automotive parts stores etc... This data helps in Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring, thereby allowing the concerned to strategically plan projects and develop schemes to expand his/her reach and strengthen the foothold in the highly competitive industrial arena.



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