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Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence (SI) , as the term suggests, refers to the various technologies, applications and / or practices using which information and / or data could be easily and efficiently collected, integrated, analyzed and presented so that contextually relevant customer and product information is presented and simultaneously the salespeople are also aided with up to date client information and prospect data, thus ensuring successful business pursuits.

Moreover, it contextualizes opportunities and provides relevant industry, corporate and personal information, which is often integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) to enable the organization, build a healthy business network.

Unlike conventional methodologies, SI provides real-time analysis of current sales data and assists with suitable suggestions, so as to ensure that only actionable and relevant information is delivered to the concerned. In addition, it not only provides the opportunity to have a look into customer buying patterns but also automatically analyses and evaluates it, thus identifying and delivering up-sell, cross-sell and switch-sell opportunities to the organization using it.

It has under it various tools / techniques, with the help which one can easily have a crystal - clear view of the market trends along with a deeper understanding of all the concerned aspects. These tools and techniques may include:-

1. Integration of Sales Resources

It refers to integration of prospecting data in a meaningful and cost-effective way, thus increasing sales productivity by empowering the concerned associated teams to spend less time prospecting and more time on new business acquisitions.

2. Data Analytics & Search Tools

It is a technique which helps in conducting targeted searches using the available data on the Internet and in various other databases, thus enabling business leaders hone in on the ideal target markets.

3. Business Forecasting & Reporting

It caters to automated reporting and new business opportunity forecasting, which helps in maximizing the efficiency of the concerned organization, while also providing them with various insights which are an absolute necessity to accelerate business growth, improve profit margins and eradicate all sorts of possible wastes.



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