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Travel - Airline, Cruises, Hotels And Car Rentals

Gone are those days when people used to go to the railways or airports to purchase tickets.... Bygone is the era when people used to reach their destination vacation spots and book their tickets manually... Or forgotten are the times when taxis and cars were hired manually, with them charging high travel rates especially in the vacation seasons... Now, it is the time when Web rules the market of the travel industry. Be it through the digitization of railway and airlines services or with various travel sites allowing pre bookings or providers like Ola and Uber providing on time cars and taxis at reasonable rates, internet has brought a revolution in the travel industry.

It is not something new that nowadays more than 70% of the bookings - be it of railway or airway tickets, hotels or cruises or cars and buses, are done online or through the plethora of apps available. But even these platforms require expert assistance to handle their back end functions and channelize the internet traffic.

But besides these aspect, another thing is the drastically increasing competition amongst the numerous upcoming and traditional sites rendering such services. And this where the use of data mining techniques becomes an absolute necessity. Deploying such techniques can easily help an organization / an individual to perform an intense market research with continuous tracking of costumer data, price fluctuations, costumer reviews etc... across different platforms and also simultaneously provide suitable cost effective and economically viable unique solutions to enhance and boost one's business, so as to create a niche for oneself in the market.



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