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The Web2XML service from ITSYS Solutions allows you to create a XML feed of your website listings so as to distribute or syndicate it on different portals, classifieds, verticals, social media and apps. As with all our services, the Web2XML feed can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a portal on which you want to publish your listings on.

How it works?

Our team of software developers creates a web data scraping solution based on the layout of website for which a XML feed is to be created. The web data scraping solution crawls the website, much like Google robot does to index a site in its search results, and copies the listings across to our database. The web scraping solution is able to access any content that is within the definition of deep-web in your website. The web scraping solution will not request direct access to your database.


The scraped data in our database is then transformed into a variety of XML feed versions. These XML feeds can be imported by multiple websites so as to display your data. Depending upon your requirements of updating the data, our web scraper ‘robot’ can revisit your website multiple times a day and refresh the feed with the new data. In this way, the feed recipients are able to update their systems automatically with latest information as on your website. This applies to new listings, removed listings and amended listings, each day.

Who is it beneficial for?

It is beneficial for all business that sell online. Our clients include

  • Sellers having their e-commerce portals and wanting to publish their listings on e-tailing marketplaces such as amazon, ebay, etc.
  • Vacation rental agencies managing few hundred properties and wanting to list them on portals such as airbnb.com, booking.com, villas.com, vacations.com, homeaway.com, and many others.
  • Property agents wanting to publish their rent/sell listings on portals such as realtor.com, homefinder.com, rightmove.co.uk, etc.
  • Vehicle dealers wanting to publish their cars for sale listings on portals such as AutoTrader.com, autotrader.co.uk, carfax.com, etc.

What you need to do?

You need to provide us with your website address where we can find the listings and optionally, the XML feed structure. Our developers will create the solution to generate XML feed of listings and once ready, will notify you on how you can access and distribute those feeds. You can also request us to create selective feeds of the listings wherein you can specify what listings are to be included / omitted.