A great pricing strategy ultimately ensures you are never over or under priced. At ITSYS Solutions, we specialize in
doing just this by providing state-of-the art pricing research solutions that accurately track your competitors, match
products and make winning pricing decisions. We collect data directly from convenience stores, and attributes collected
include product name, code, image, category, price, discounted price, savings, description, specification, best offers and more.

Challenges in the Convenience Stores Pricing

The dynamics surrounding convenience stores are rapidly evolving and smart leaders are turning to new strategies to improve traffic, profit, and market share. One of the most crucial challenges faced by convenience stores is setting one price that unifies all internal objectives: one price that simultaneously boosts top-line growth, is aligned with the brand positioning, and increases penetration and growth. Therefore, it is important that the price not only generates short-term profits, but also benefits the long-term brand perception by being aligned with the positioning of the product or service. ITSYS Solutions has emerged as a leading partner in providing data & solutions to empower businesses to continuously collect market insights without needing to have specialized statistical or pricing knowledge. Convenience stores apply competitor based strategy to position themselves against their competitors, so that the brand positioning is mirrored in the price point.

ITSYS Pricing Solutions using Market Insights

Remember your customer will happily let you leave money on the table if you price too low, and at the same time, he won’t hesitate to switch to one of your competitors if your price is too high. Price research is key in order to keep an eye on what the competitors are up to regarding changes in the prices of their products. Through data-centric pricing research, you can subsequently identify the price point that will generate the most profit. We have decades of experience in helping convenience stores around the world manage and optimize their prices and price structures. Our pricing & promotion solutions help you get superior market research, data analysis, as well as strategy development through providing pricing comparison data, e-commerce data, competitors, and promotions online. Our pricing solutions are neither very expensive nor a number of months process. With our services, you can get insights in just a few days and at a low cost. We deliver strong value on a number of fronts, that makes our clients choose us.

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