The old-fashioned copy-paste process of gathering and comparing third-party competitive fuel pricing data can not only
be tedious and time consuming but will more often than not create errors and delays that
will ultimately impact margins and profitability.

Discover the Automated Way to Increase Retail Fuel Profits

Our Competitor Fuel Price Monitoring service is a real-time, online solution that taps into the database of 25,000 gas stations across the US generating 100,000 fuel price records every hour every single day of the year. It centralizes all of the competitive pricing information into a single interface alongside the business rules, goals, and notifications allowing you to in real-time, react instantly to your competitors' retail station price changes thereby increasing margins and profitability.

Easy integration with 3rd party Business Analytics / Business Intelligence tools

The data feeds from Competitor Fuel Price Monitoring service can easily integrated and with industry's leading third-party Business Analytics / Business Intelligence tools or your own specific systems so as to provide you with a comprehensive, real-time view of the market.

Key Features and Benefits

Accurate, Effective & Reliable

100% accurate pricing data from the official sources of over 20K gas stations of 19 fuel retailers across the US, to fuel your business cost effectively.

Customized Datafiles

Complete customization to structure & format of datafiles. The solution has a clean, timely & up-to-date competitive data feed.

Easy Integration

Quick & easy integration of data feeds with Business Intelligence tools to implement the appropriate strategy and execute your plans.

User Friendly Interface

An easy to use interface to choose & map the list of stations to monitor fuel grades of competitors.

Affordable Plans

Price your fuel right with our solutions providing real time data feed, that exactly suits your budget. No hidden costs.

Hour by Hour Updates

Our services help you gain an edge over the competition through real time data feeds on an hourly basis to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

Historical Reporting

Real time & historical data will help you to find your optimal pricing points as well as that of your nearest competitors.

Email Alerts

Instant notifications over email messages whenever the price alert rules are triggered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The data is captured using proprietary AI software that has been developed in-house. It makes use of advanced technologies to capture the data anonymously, non-intrusively and with 100% accuracy from retailer’s mobile app/website.

No, there is no requirement of any software or programmers to get the data feeds. Our service is fully managed and our programmers ensure that all processes required to provide the data feeds are running 24x7. You will however need assistance of your IT to integrate them in your BI software.

We provide data with 100% accuracy when compared with what is published on the retailers website / mobile app.

Our solution is designed and optimized to complete the entire fuel pricing capturing process within 15 minutes. This allows us to capture data every hour, every day of the week without any break.

Our service relies on capturing data from the website/mobile app of the retailer. In case there is a change, there is a breakdown in providing data feed for that specific retailer.

Usually, our team of developers will update the solution within 2 business days. If there are additional delays, we will inform you.

The structure of datafiles can be customized as per your requirements. The recommended formats for the data files as CSV, JSNON and XML.

Once the hourly data files have been generated at our end, they are uploaded on clients SFTP/FTP server. They can also be sent via email but this is not recommended.

Yes, we will provide you with a secured web interface that will allow you to manage the stores for which you need data. The interface also allows you to chose and map the fuel grades for each store for which you need the data for

Although the costing is based on the number of stores for which data is needed, there is a fixed minimum per month charge for each of the retailer for which data feed is needed.

The list of retailers of whom we can provide price data feeds for, can be disclosed only after NDA is signed. Currently our solution can provide data for over 21,000 stores from 19 retailers in US and Canada.

Although not needed within the scope of project, E&O/ Professional liability insurance cover can be taken up to cover any risk. The cost of the insurance will be charged separately and will depend on the amount of insurance. The insurance cover will be taken from an authorized Insurance company providing such in India and as per rules and regulations that govern such insurance.