Even with the slightest change in the menu price or the delivery cost, a restaurant-based chain experiences a dual effect firstly on their profit margins & secondly their market share. Once you get the right balance these slight tweaks can influence a consumer on whether to dine at your establishment or your competitors.

Get ahead of the competition:

The Food and Beverage is one of the fastest-growing industries globally and it is marked by intense competition where every brand is coming up with new strategies, menu items, and offers to gain an edge. Our services back you in claiming the center stage with our automated data extraction system, you can now monitor, track and extract the complete menu pricing data from close to 1,30,000+ Food and Beverages industry.

Get customized data feeds of menu categories, product prices, and delivery fees, as well as wage data from competitors' store-level executives that exist around your outlets. The data can be delivered at the frequency you desire, whether weekly or monthly, so you can make well-calculated decisions and maximize your profitability.

Identify Trends:

Our services will help provide data on product pricing, cycle menu options, special menu categories, delivery costs, or new offers which will give you in-depth insights into strategies adopted by your competitors such as:

Identify menu pricing trends anticipate future price changes time relevant-data insights KPI-specific data points delivered

Compatible with third-party analytics tools:

Our data files are simple to integrate with top analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI or with customized internal systems so that it is convenient for your team to get a comprehensive view of the pricing trends.

Data Source:

We extract data from competitor websites, mobile applications, and other open-source platforms on the web which makes the data 100% accurate & dependable.

Key benefits and features

  • Affordable plans - The cost of acquiring this data is only a fraction of the benefits that you will derive from it and is the lowest in the industry. No further hidden costs.

  • Industry Experience - Having partnered with major multinational companies in the Food and Beverage industry for the last 4 years, we understand your needs & requirements.

  • Customized data files - Complete customizable data structure & file format. 

  • Data relevancy - Get up-to-date data at the frequency of your choice to stay ahead of the game.

  • Future proof - A dedicated team of developers, customer care, and industrial experts working with you to offer innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Their background of work proves their experience in the big data industry.